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Family Day

posted Feb 17, 2016, 11:58 PM by Cherry Miguel   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 5:48 AM ]
As we all strive everyday to make a better living in this busy world that seems to demand a lot more from us as the years go by, we find ourselves more tired with little time left to spend with our beloved family. We believe it's important to make a pause in life and spend time with family, especially with our children. We often work so hard every day in order to provide for ourselves and families that some times we give up one of the most important things we could provide to our families, time. 
Developing a strong relationship with our children takes time and effort, it is an everyday commitment, but it's worth it. A strong relationship will produce good communication between parents and their children, which is a vital part in the child's life when facing difficult situations. Children and Teens need around them at least one adult they can fully trust, someone who will listen to them and help them prevent and overcome struggles.

Bani Elementary School celebrate family day in a meaningful way. We started it a lunch with their child on their classroom. I can feel the gladness on each child’s eye. They are so happy sharing with their classmates.

After the lunch, all the pupils with their parents proceed to the covered tent for the program. It was started with a prayer led by the SPG President June Marc Mañago, followed by the singing of National Anthem and the Balangueño Hymn. Our principal welcomed every parent and gave some massage to each and every one.

Each grade level also presented a dance number with which the parent really enjoyed.  A parlor games were prepared by the teachers like egg relay and water race. We can see the gladness on each participant. After the games, the GPTA officers conducted a project thru a Bingo Social which the proceeds will be for the beatification of the school.