Profile of the School Head

A Lifelong Commitment


            “Everything happens for a reason.”

Originated from Pilar, Bataan, Mrs. Edna Q. Polache was born on the 22nd of November 1964. Her parents were Manuel P. Quiroz and Ester B. Cascasan.

She got married to Mr. Benson M. Ramirez and blessed with three children. But on 2004, she was widowed and found her another love in the person of Mr. Eric P.Polache of Bulacan.

Mrs. Polache graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education at Tomas Del Rosario College.

She taught Secondary Education from1988 to 1992 and later found her way in teaching Elementary Education in Cupang Elementary             School from 1993 to 2007.

“Don’t stop believing and dreaming,” she said as recalled how she took her path in teaching.

She dedicated her time and effort to his pupils and to her surprise she was promoted as Elementary School Head Teacher (ESHT).                Then, she was transferred to her new school assignment as ESHT-I in Bani Elementary School.

“It was fulfilling to see how this school progress as time goes by,” Mrs. Polache proudly said.

As school started only as an extension school of Cataning Elementary School with three grade levels only, it was now considered as separate school or elementary school completed from Pre-elementary to Grade VI with school facilities such as the comfort rooms, water supply, principal’s office and covered-court/stage. Through her initiative and effort, it has been clearly seen how she brought out the school’s improvement.

“The school possesses everything but it is in our hands how can we handle the resources it has,” she said.

Though the school was considered as barrio school or small school, it slowly prospered and made it way to be one of the best schools in town. Through the joint effort and perseverance of the faculty, community and different stakeholders whether in Local  Government Units (LGU)/Provincial Government or Non -Government Organizations (NGO), the school will surely reach it goals to give a quality education on its pupils.

Thus, Mrs. Polache continued her plan together with different agencies to equip the school in whatever it needed and never stopped on what she already gave but what more she can give.